nomad home

Bambis, the creators of Salt&Pepper homewares, proudly launches nomad home

Melbourne, Australia is home to us. It has been since 1954 when our founder, Bambis Pourounidis moved his family from Greece. In 1995 Salt&Pepper was born and today can now be found in over 65 countries all over the world.

Bespoke collections, like those launching as part of our newest brand, nomad home, continue to be designed in the Melbourne studios where Bambis’ family is still very much involved in the everyday business.

Designed for the European market and launching in 2020, nomad home carries the core essence of the Salt&Pepper DNA. At the foundation of all our creations is the belief that ‘home’ is where good food is cooked and shared. It is more than four walls and a roof, each home has a unique story to tell. We’re not only about supplying practical things for your home but we’re also about supplying things that will create memories – great dinner parties, a favourite bowl for your ice cream when you’re bingeing on Netflix, gifts from people you love. We want your home to feel like a home. With this in mind, we are proud to introduce, nomad home.

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